IA to address User Objections

IA to address User Objections




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High Signal to noise ratio

TrackBill is a startup that primarily needed to convince large corporations that it can reliably monitor and provide notifications on the progress of legislation. Additionally it required a robust search with advanced filtering and sorting options as well as methods to generate reports from saved searches. All of this was complicated by TrackBill’s core users, older lawyer or accountant who found computers frustrating and confusing.

I delivered a set sales pitch landing pages that contained three a/b tested funnels geared toward user objections; “Is this for me?”, “Does it work?”, and “What is it exactly?”. When paired with user outreach these funnels increased sales went from monthly to weekly.

Through user interviews, help chat logs and clickstream analysis we refined the search filtering and sort options to have a step by step feel that users found reassuring. Product engagement and satisfaction increased as did saved searches and report generation.

Keeping the user aware of their location in the site and having clear methods of backing out without starting over was the key to delighting the user base.


  • Field Study / User interviews
  • Agile design & development


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Sass
  • Google A/B Testing