Jimi Schuchmann

I am a UX designer...

I enjoy solving a problems and organizing all the variables. My ears perk up when people complain about their experiences. It's fun to engage in a bit of casual UX Research. In a nutshell, that's who I am analytical, friendly, and curious.


  • Smashing Magazine Workshop: Smart Interface Design Patterns, 2020 Edition

The Design Process I Follow

  1. Create empathy
  2. Define the problem(s)
  3. Ideate with stakeholders
  4. Prototype with low fidelity
  5. Test with real users

Relevant Experiences

  • Facilitated working sessions for Information Architecture, Modular Material Design, Content Strategy, and User Feedback with 6-12 client stakeholders on multiple occasions
  • Earned a Nielsen Norman Certification on User Centered Design techniques and put them into practice creating a design system and dozens of user tested templates
  • Used story mapping techniques with a team of developers, stakeholders, and fellow designers to ideate and create stories for possible features and solutions
  • Incorporated the feedback from Analytics, A/B testing, and User Interviews to improve features and realize new opportunities
  • Designed modules and pages for features on over a dozen different large scale new and established properties with Illustrator and Sketch
  • Contributed to the code base and CSS of nearly every feature or project in the form of final styling or living style guide
  • Conducted competitor analysis, user interviews, and content analysis with new projects and redesigns
  • Produced real-time prototypes on conference calls with the full team as we consider the results of analytics, user research, or stakeholder preferences using Sketch or digital whiteboards
  • Evangelized best UX practices with articles and testing to justify design choices while incorporating feedback and criticism
  • Written user stories and interface specifications to support designs and organize the overall project effort
  • Used UX research to create features that added to the value proposition of the product